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NacChat Episode 36- Making sense with our census!

On this episode of NacChat, Amy sits with Larissa Philpot to talk all things census and how college students actually count! Did you know there's also a new cafe downtown?

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Gall's Cafe is now open downtown! Enjoy some coffee and pastries on the brick streets. (:50)

Amy and Larissa discuss last City Council meeting and each members vision for Nacogdoches. (2:30)

The City of Nacogdoches is pilot testing the "Open Meeting Act." (3:30)

Council members got to choose a topic they are passionate about and present it to the public. (4:15)

Mr. Bolden chose homelessness and Garth Hines chose economic development. Both very important in our community! (4:30)

Having an open meeting helps us be transparent about our government. (6:30)

At the beginning of each City Council meeting, there is a time for public comment or concerns. (7:30)

City Council is actually not allowed to speak or react to the open comment section! (8:09)

Local government is special! (9:00)

Larissa explains how we get to make sausage in front of everyone! (9:40)

Guess what time is it people!? Rumor Mill! (12:00)

Let's chat about the census! (12:12)

Larissa explains what the census is and it only happens every 10 years. (12:15)

For the people in the back- IT DOES COUNT COLLEGE STUDENTS! (12:30)

This upcoming census will happen April 1, 2020. (12:40)

The census helps the government decide how many people live in Nacogdoches. (13:20)

It's important because it means how many legislators we get! (13:33)

Nacogdoches is always competing with bigger cities. We want to make sure we are being represented equally. (13:50)

Did you know the these records are sealed for 72 years?! No worries, you're safe. (15:13)

These records can help the government see it's growth and how we can grow even more. (15:45)

People who want to bring a business to Nacogdoches want to know the population or how many women live here ect. (16:15)

The census ask basic questions like your name, age, address, and how many people live in your household. (16:30)

There are two forms of the census- Short and long form. Both important! (16:41)

The census does not ask personal questions, just ones that will help our community in the future. (17:30)

Remind people to fill it out! We want our city to develop and grow! (18:15)

Amy Mehaffey began her work with the City of Nacogdoches in July 2015. Prior to this, she worked as a 4-H Specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. In this role she did marketing and promotion for the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program and served as the event coordinator for Texas 4-H Roundup, the agency’s largest event. Amy in May 2015 with her PhD in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences with an emphasis in youth development. During the pursuit of this degree she also received a certificate in Prevention Science and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Bush School of Government and Public Service. Previously, she completed a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Communications at Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s of Science in the same field at Texas Tech University. Amy is also a freelance photographer and enjoys Texas A&M football in the fall. She is married to John Michael Mehaffey who is a professor of Animal Science at Stephen F. Austin State University. They are proud parents to Hattie Mae Mehaffey, born September 1, 2016 and Hunter Leigh Mehaffey born July 2018.



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