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NacChat Episode 33- Haste makes Waste

In this episode of NacChat, Amy meets with #CityofNac Engineer, Steve Bartlett about changes coming to our recycling program. Nacogdoches, like many other cities, is experiencing a rise in the cost to recycle. Tune in to find out why this is happening and what will be happening in Nacogdoches as a result.

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Amy meets with #CityofNac Engineer, Steve Bartlett about recycling. To begin, Steve explains the role of the city government and our community in local recycling. (1:20)

Steve lists the items that are able to be recycled in Nacogdoches: cardboard, mixed paper, mixed plastics and glass. (1:50)

Did you know that it costs money to recycle? Steve discusses why our city chooses to spend money on recycling. (2:07)

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful helps with our local recycling initiative. Tune in to hear about the "cram-a-lot bailer" that was helped funded by KNB. (2:45)

Amy asks Steve to explain the full recycling process and why it is done that way. (3:30)

On a global scale, what happens to our recycled materials? (4:15)

Lufkin has a larger recycling facility. How are they operating and what are we doing to partner with them? (4:46)

Money is spent to provide recycling services for our community. Right now it is not making a profit, but it is similar to other services that our city is accustomed to. (5:55)

The biggest cost of recycling is transportation. That is why recycling is more feasible for larger cities-- the materials are more likely to be reused locally. (7:07)

Why are changes happening to the recycling systems across the United States? (7:28)

What are the changes happening to the Nacogdoches operations to offset the expenses? Steve explains what will be happening for now in our community. (9:58)

Why would the City of Nacogdoches get a bailer for cardboard? Steve explains the market fluctuations and how we are planning to make a profit on recycling in the future. (13:06)

Our city government has to choose how to spend money wisely for our community. Services that are not essential must me careful evaluate for the interest of the public. (15:42)

Our city government is encouraging community members to continue bringing recyclable materials to the stations. If citizens are looking for more ways to get involved, what can they do? (16:48)

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful goes beyond recycling. Tune in to find ways to help your community! (17:49)

Amy Mehaffey began her work with the City of Nacogdoches in July 2015. Prior to this, she worked as a 4-H Specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. In this role she did marketing and promotion for the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program and served as the event coordinator for Texas 4-H Roundup, the agency’s largest event. Amy graduated in May 2015 with her PhD in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences with an emphasis in youth development. During the pursuit of this degree she also received a certificate in Prevention Science and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Bush School of Government and Public Service. Previously, she completed a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Communications at Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s of Science in the same field at Texas Tech University. Amy is also a freelance photographer and enjoys Texas A&M football in the fall. She is married to John Michael Mehaffey who is a professor of Animal Science at Stephen F. Austin State University. They are proud parents to Hattie Mae Mehaffey and Hunter Leigh Mehaffey.



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