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Nac Chat: Episode 33- City of Nacogdoches Internships

In this episode of Nac Chat, talks with Larissa Philpot, CEO and President of NEDCO about Interns at the City of Nacogdoches and how to best communicate with different generations in the office!

Check it out!

0:20 Amy chats with Larissa Philpot, CEO and President of NEDCO about internship programs at #CityofNac. Both Amy and Larissa reflect on their experiences as interns.

5:00 Larissa discusses interns and how they can benefit the office.

5:50 Greatest Generation and how they are known for their solid work ethic.

7:02 Larissa and Amy compare and contrast mentoring interns versus being a boss to interns.

7:47 Larissa then mentions how Baby Boomers are champions of accessibly and like their parents, the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers also value work ethic.

11:00 Larissa discusses how Generation X is the hidden generation.

12:15 Larissa discuss how Millennials are creative, independent workers. While Amy talks about her experience as a Millennial.

13:36 Communication styles amongst generations, how to send and receive messages.

15:27 Like the Greatest Generation, Generation Z also highly values face to face communication.

17:15 Amy's experience's with Generation Z as a Millennial and differing communication styles.

18:12 Bridging the knowledge gap of informal technology to business communication for Generation Z.

20:25 Benefits for students of having an internship

21:00 How Handshake Products and Jobs for Jacks are advantageous for SFA students and Alumni.

Amy Mehaffey began her work with the City of Nacogdoches in July 2015. Prior to this, she worked as a 4-H Specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. In this role she did marketing and promotion for the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program and served as the event coordinator for Texas 4-H Roundup, the agency’s largest event. Amy graduated in May 2015 with her PhD in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences with an emphasis in youth development. During the pursuit of this degree she also received a certificate in Prevention Science and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Bush School of Government and Public Service. Previously, she completed a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Communications at Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s of Science in the same field at Texas Tech University. Amy is also a freelance photographer and enjoys Texas A&M football in the fall. She is married to John Michael Mehaffey who is a professor of Animal Science at Stephen F. Austin State University. They are proud parents to Hattie Mae Mehaffey, born September 1, 2016 and Hunter Leigh Mehaffey.



Nacogdoches, TX, USA

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