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Customer Service is Key

There is no question this year’s national election has manifested true feelings for many in our community. During the Women’s March held in January, many of those interviewed stated their causes were just, and the action of speaking out would have staying power—long after the chairs were removed from the Capital Building in Washington. Many interviewed also stated they would be taking their concerns and beliefs to their local government to begin enacting change in their hometowns.

This type of engagement is precisely what I work toward as the City of Nacogdoches’ Communication Director. The concept of speaking out for one’s beliefs is very true and highly encouraged.

Currently, I witness citizens calling City Hall and voicing their concerns daily. I also bear witness to our hard-working staff members and elected officials striving to help explain issues to citizens and help them address their concerns in a meaningful way.

For example, I work closely with Brian Bray who consistently communicates with citizens and advocacy groups to help with the improvement of our parks, historical properties, and the recreation programs offered and maintained by the City of Nacogdoches.

Our City Council’s recent choice to fund the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan is one example of advocacy in action. Citizens voiced the need for a consorted plan and the need for a tool to obtain funding for large-scale projects. After a great deal of planning and budgeting, the City Council was able to deliver on this request with the funding of the master plan.

City Staff, including myself, are often questioned at church, the grocery store, and during public meetings about various issues. While I can’t promise that every individual’s wishes will always be granted, I do take pride in the fact that we work hard to listen and provide meaningful customer service.

All too often are problems, rumors, concerns, and frustrations alleviated by a simple phone call to City Hall.

I am very genuine in my beliefs that all citizens are heard and valued by city staff. Although we have rules, regulations, and budgets we must work within, we do strive every day to be transparent and give citizens our time in this process.

Generosity of spirit and eagerness to serve is something I’ve grown quite proud of as I watch my co-workers help people each day and every day. So please don’t hesitate to voice your opinion, or just call to say hello, to our local elected officials or one of our helpful staff at City Hall.

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