• Victoria Schmidt, Recreation Superintendent

Fun for All Ages

Many people watch sports and inevitably want to be the next superstar, but how do they get there? Where do they start? Where did many of these now superstars begin? Recreation centers, youth programs, at a park, ball fields or even in the street by their house are all likely spots.

These athletically elite individuals were able to try a plethora of sports and find what fit them best through the act of sport and recreation. I, myself, have lived in Nacogdoches since 2009 and before starting this job, didn’t realize just how much was offered by the City of Nacogdoches until I began working for the City of Nacogdoches Recreation Department last year.

I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where my parents took advantage of all the different programs to diversify my background. I tried sports like gymnastics, swimming, soccer camps, and golf lessons. My parents wanted my sister and I to have a chance to try everything before deciding which path we wanted to pursue in the long-term.

I personally chose to take the route of gymnastics and ended up cheering middle school through college. This endeavor allowed me the eventually teach at one of the biggest cheerleading companies in the world. My background in this diverse group of activities is what drove me to be better at the things I loved—and learn about the things I didn’t. And I can tell you, I was certainly not cut out for soccer.

Recreation is meant to be as affordable as possible, especially for children and young adults. Most city recreation programs are only used by a small segment of the population, but that segment usually comes back day after day, week after week. We often struggle to get our message out and tell various groups in our community about all the City of Nacogdoches has to offer.

If you haven’t looked into our programs, you may be amazed by what all is going on around Nacogdoches. There is much more than an adult softball league as we seek to provide services that all ages can enjoy. Youth programs offered include disc golf, twirling, clogging, and gymnastics. For adults, we offer zumba, clogging, hip hop dance, table tennis and yoseikan budo. Additionally, we always have our seasons of youth volleyball, youth basketball, adult softball and have even started adult futsal, a form of indoor soccer.

City of Nacogdoches Recreation is also a great way to get connected in your community, meet new people, and help find what your passion may be. All of these programs have been great successes and we only plan to grow.

If you haven’t checked out the latest at the City of Nacogdoches Parks & Recreation Department, visit us on Facebook to view our seasonal activity guide to find a program or sport to fit you and your family’s needs.

Oftentimes people hear the term “recreation” and associate it with a specific sport or activity. Our goal at the City of Nacogdoches is to break this line of thinking. Recreation has so much more to offer. We hope to continue to expand our programming in order to provide new opportunities to people of all ages and continue to work and bring our community members together in fun and exciting ways.



Nacogdoches, TX, USA

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