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We all hear “Shop Nac First” but what does this really mean?  To me it means visiting, shopping, and trying to find what you need locally before going out of town. There are many wonderful stores in Nacogdoches that are relevant, affordable, and unique. 

This year...

Citizens have significant input and power in shaping their local government and the sentiment which surrounds the services local government provides. The onset of technology, social media, smartphones, etc. has truly changed the way we, at the City of Nacogdoches, inte...

This month will mark 4 years of me working as the City of Nacogdoches Communications and Main Street Director. From day one, I was tasked with writing articles about my observations of the City of Nacogoches and all of the projects of downtown and all City departments....

Are you frustrated by road construction and subsequent delays? Maybe Austin Street quickly comes to mind? And we won’t talk about Starr Street and the bridge.

I certainly am like-minded when I think about trying to get somewhere and running into road construction and do...

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Nacogdoches -

We really do listen. 

Local municipalities are successful when we gain valuable feedback from citizens.

As problem solvers, it is imperative for elected officials and city staff to ensure we are keeping the lines of communic...

 As you may have noticed by the signs around town, we are amidst election season here in Nacogdoches. Chatter at the coffee shops, on the sidewalk, and via social media tell me people are paying attention to what’s going on in our community—which is a wonderful thing.


You’ve probably heard by now, recycling across the country is in the dumps which totally makes us at the City of Nacogdoches feel like a pile of junk. But, there may be an eventual solution for our little community—keyword, maybe, so stick with me.

If you haven’t heard,...

The propositions and ideals behind SB 1488 have the Historic Preservation community across the state standing in protest and those of us here in Nacogdoches should be first on our feet.

This legislation would prohibit a municipality from designating a historic landmark...

Since the main role of a local government is to provide integral services to citizens who live inside the city limits, it is important to fully execute city operations by utilizing limited funding and maintaining a balanced budget. In order to adequately provide servic...

Nacogdoches citizens are very vested and INVESTED in our community. This is progressively apparent as I scroll through local social media sites, read Everything Nac and overhear conversations at the coffee shop. More often than not, the rhetoric I hear is in regards to...

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